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Dive Bar Comedy

Aug 26, 2020

A diverse cast of comics keep the conversation bouncing from topic to topic, such as California wildfires, electrolyte imbalances, lesbian haircuts, lesbian girlfriends, and poodles. Wild Jo interviews Big British Jon, Roz Browne, Josh Meyrowitz aka Autistic Thunder, Cynthia Delgado, and Rosalee Mayeux. Carol...

Aug 20, 2020

It’s another night of revelry and revelations as hosts Wild Jo, Mista See and Carol Newell welcome back Dive Bar Comedy regulars Sizzle, Carolina Levi and Caroline Langford, as well as newcomers to the show Theo Manhattan, Funky Sam Medina and headliner Mike Muratore.

Aug 12, 2020

Wild Jo welcomes an all new lineup to Dive Bar Comedy, with comedians Maxi Witrak, Anna Valenzuela, Miguel Fierro, Nicole Yates, Henry Garcia, and show regular Carol Newell. The conversation starts with a discussion of anxiety vs stage fright, and ends with Mista See showing off his bidet and singing the national...

Aug 5, 2020

Comics talk boos and talk shop with headliner Richard Chassler. Featuring standup by Jake and Alex Yardley, Chase Christy, Andy Lowe, Heather Winter, and Wild Jo, along with Dive Bar Comedy regulars Carol Newell and Mista See.