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Dive Bar Comedy

Nov 25, 2020

Join Dive Bar Comedy regulars Gary Robinson, Kenny Lion, Martin Morrow, Shaggy Durai, April Cowgur, and Cynthia Delgado for a night of mischief and silly good times! Hosted by Wild Jo, Carol Newell, and emcee Mista See.

Nov 18, 2020

Wild Jo, Mista See, and Carol Newell host an evening of laughs with standup comics Kelly Lee Williams, Adam Yenser, Joann Socrates, Ben Rosen, Brian Wohl, and Vic Milberg. Dive Bar Comedy live streams on Facebook every Tuesday at 9pm pacific.

Nov 13, 2020

Comics go wild reminiscing on LSD trips, BDSM clubs, and midget porn. Featuring standups Howard Aronin, Barry Keith Coe, Lloyd Bear Badeaux, Rachel Dee, Hillary Wells and host Mista See.

Nov 4, 2020

Comedians of all political leanings come together for civil and enlightening discussion and some good old-fashioned standup. Featuring French Accent of America’s Got Talent, David Zasloff, Michelle Malizaki, Mark Selzer, Bella Rose, and Erin Hart. Hosted by Wild Jo, Mista See, and Carol Newell.